Flowbird enables weekly bus capping 

Lothian riders can travel from as little as £20 per week
Mobility as a Service / November 2, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Flowbird Lothian Buses TapTapCap scheme weekly capping ticketing Scotland Edinburgh
Flowbird says its system provides the flexibility to add new business rules (image credit: Flowbird)

Flowbird’s account-based ticketing system is allowing Lothian Buses to extend its ‘TapTapCap’ scheme to include weekly fare capping across its network in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. 

Initially, the scheme capped the cost of multiple journeys made on the same day, with the best day ticket price automatically applied after three ‘taps’.

Flowbird says Lothian customers will now receive unlimited travel Monday to Sunday from as little as £20 per week.

Flowbird key account manager Anthony O'Brien says the extension of the contactless and capped payment scheme demonstrated the appetite among passengers for account-based ticketing and frictionless travel.

“Lothian’s ‘TapTapCap’ rollout has been very popular with travellers in Edinburgh and extending this to include weekly capping will offer value to customers and operational benefits to the operator,” O'Brien continues. 

“From the outset, a key objective was to make the scheme future proof, so the system developed by Flowbird provides the flexibility to apply new business rules, in this case for weekly capping in the bus market, but it can operate equally effectively across multimodal networks.”

Stevie Chambers, commercial projects manager for Lothian, says customers now no longer need to know in advance which ticket type will be the best value for their travel. 

“They simply use the same contactless card or device for all their journeys in a day or a week and ‘TapTapCap’ will automatically work out and charge the cheapest daily or weekly fare,” he continues.

“As customers return to our network, possibly with new or changed travel habits, we are sure this will be a welcome addition to our ticket offering, by removing the need to choose between pay-as-you-go or a weekly ticket.”

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