Stantec to deploy micromobility hubs 

Swiftmile hubs are expected to help AVs navigate complex urban environments
Mobility as a Service / February 19, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Stantec GenerationAV says the hubs can charge any type of light EV (Credit – Swiftmile) 
Stantec GenerationAV says the hubs can charge any type of light EV (image credit: Swiftmile) 

Stantec GenerationAV has confirmed plans to bring Swiftmile's micromobility hubs to cities, municipalities and campuses. 

The company is a subsidiary of global design firm Stantec that sets out to assist clients in deploying autonomous vehicle (AV) projects. 

Stantec GenerationAV says the hubs can charge any type of light electric vehicle (EV) while also helping AVs navigate complex urban environments. 

Corey Clothier, director of Stantec GenerationAV, says: “Our partnership with Swiftmile will connect the dots from urban planning, AV education, and smart technology to make new mobility options work for cities, campuses, and developers alike.”

According to Stantec GenerationAV, Swiftmile’s charging stations can integrate mid-band 5G capabilities, which enables data exchange, Vehicle to Infrastructure communication, AV localisation and other ITS functions.

The integration of additional Lidar sensors can track traffic volumes, trajectory, and speed.

This technology-enabled data collection can help inform and plan mobility programmes that suit the needs of the community, the company adds. 

Kate Jack, smart mobility lead at Stantec. “By pairing the next generation of technology with a city’s transportation and development plans, we can create mobility hubs that advance equitable, accessible transportation options in all kinds of communities.”

Swiftmile says on its website the hubs support docked and dockless vehicle systems, and operate using solar, plug-in or battery power. 

According to Swiftmile, the swappable battery system allows for portable and quick deployments in any location while LED lighting indicates vehicle availability. 

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