Charge to expand e-scooter support in Paris

Docking stations will be rolled out in 100 locations over 18 months in Paris
Mobility as a Service / February 25, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Charge wants to ensure e-scooters are organised, docked and charged in Paris (Credit - Charge Enterprises)
Charge wants to ensure e-scooters are organised, docked and charged in Paris (image credit: Charge Enterprises)

Charge Enterprises' infrastructure division is to roll out docking and charging stations for electric scooters in more than 100 locations over 18 months in the French capital. 

Charge says its stations are powered from the existing electrical grid and require no battery swapping. 

Andrew Fox, CEO at Charge, says: “Our expansion in the city of Paris is a big step toward ensuring e-scooters are organised, docked, and charged in a metropolis that has been overrun by incorrectly parked scooters, creating safety concerns on sidewalks and leaving few charged vehicles ready for use.”

Improper use of e-scooters is an ongoing issue in Paris. Last year, the city's mayor Anne Hidalgo confirmed broken scooters were discarded on pavements, entrances to Metro stations or thrown over bridges into the River Seine.

Charge infrastructure began deploying stations in Paris in June 2020. 

Elsewhere, the firm is receiving new support from a manufacturing agreement with Poitras Industries to meet the demand for micromobility infrastructure. 

The Quebec-based company designs and manufactures durable urban fixtures such as bus shelters, benches, bike racks and window displays. 

Last month, Tier confirmed its own plans to crack down on irresponsible parking in Paris by implementing positioning technology from Fantasmo. 


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