Dance makes moves on Berlin

Company launches e-bike subscription service in German capital to promote 'liveable cities'
Mobility as a Service / September 20, 2021
By Adam Hill
Berlin dance e-bike sustainable mobility liveable cities © Patrick Daxenbichler |
(© Patrick Daxenbichler |

Micromobility company Dance has launched a full-service e-bike subscription in Berlin.

The company was created by SoundCloud founders Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung and Jimdo co-founder Christian Springub, and they say the new venture is "powered by a shared vision of safer, cleaner and quieter cities".

"We see an opportunity to completely transform the way we live," they explain in a statement

"E-bike usage is associated with healthier communities, but ownership is perceived as a hassle: ebikes can cost thousands of euros, while needing special parts and providers to fix, maintain and store."

They say that this is their way of attempting to address the climate crisis.

"For us, a more livable city is one designed for people, not cars," the statement continues. "One where people are more connected to themselves and each other, and opportunities for joyful movement are plentiful. A more livable city is a dynamic community in which citizens build a thriving culture together instead of just driving by."

Dance says that Berlin's 'start-up scene' and infrastructure make it a 'perfect' place for the new service.

Its bikes are powered by a removable lithium battery that lasts approximately 55km at full capacity, with a recharge time to 80% in two hours. Top speed is 25 km/h.

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