Milan expands cycle network

Italian city's concerns over congestion and pollution have led to ambitious active travel plan
Mobility as a Service / January 11, 2022
By Adam Hill
Milan cycle network © Massimo Brucci |
Milan plans to increase cycling by 20% (© Massimo Brucci |

Milan is to extend its cycle path network by 750km in a bid to change the way that its citizens routinely get around.

The Italian city's €225m Cambio cycling mobility plan consists of four circular routes in concentric rings in the centre, with 16 other cycling corridors spreading out from there.

Four 'greenways' are also part of the plan, which emphasises sustainable development.

In common with many cities worldwide, Milan's authorities are concerned about congestion and air pollution.

With the Cambio, it aims to create a 20% modal shift towards cycling, making it "fast, safe, fun and attractive".

Planners examined mobility data to see where people live, where they go - and how they get there.

Schools, hospitals, railway stations, subways and businesses were identified as important destinations, and the city hopes that 80% of these will be within 1km of at least one cycleway.