SkedGo platform targets Japan MaaS

Fukurou Go solution created in partnership with data analytics firm AI Base Technology
Mobility as a Service / July 22, 2021
By Adam Hill
SkedGo Japan MaaS © Moniquetoth |
Japan is facing 'major changes in how people travel... due to megatrends such as urbanisation, population growth and decarbonisation' (© Moniquetoth |

SkedGo and AI Base Technology have built a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform for the Japanese market.

Fukurou Go is targeted at municipalities, prefectures and transit agencies.

For SkedGo, which delivers the MaaS front end and tailored routing technology, Japan's mass transit network offers significant opportunities.

"MaaS has the potential to transform how we consume travel and given Japan’s exceptionally well-built public transport system, we think a leading-edge MaaS platform will do extremely well in the country," says John Nuutinen, CEO of SkedGo.

It also makes sense for the company to enter the market in partnership with a local player: AI Base provides data analysis to the platform hosts using behavioural analytics based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Korhan Saglam, the company's co-founder & CEO, says Fukurou Go "integrates all available mobility models".

“We are facing major changes in how people travel in Japan, due to megatrends such as urbanisation, population growth and decarbonisation," Saglam continues.

"We hope to create a symbiotic relationship which delivers a superior user experience and value proposition to our prospective Japanese customers," Nuutinen concludes.


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