Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024: From innovation to implementation

Since 1972, Intertraffic has been focused on innovation and implementation in ITS: and in this year’s packed programme the emphasis is on smart, safe and sustainable mobility for all
Enforcement / March 13, 2024
Enforcement innovation technology Amsterdam (© RAI Amsterdam)
The latest mobility innovations will be on display (© RAI Amsterdam)

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024: Meeting – and solving - the industry’s challenges

The Intertraffic Summit & Demonstration Programme for 2024 features the latest roadside equipment, plus mobility, communication and data technologies to enhance traffic flow, road safety, sustainability and liveability in and around cities. The programme offers pitches, demonstrations, interactive presentations, panel discussions, workshops and debates. Sessions are tailored to interest groups including city policy makers, road operators and technology vendors. They reflect the ongoing digitalisation, automation and electrification in transportation, and the demand for real-time traffic and travel information plus the need for more interoperable mobility solutions for travellers. Showcased mobility solutions, urban mobility visions and policy and enforcement guidelines address sector challenges including urgent climate issues, the need for accessibility and road safety and the road to Vision Zero. Hall 7 houses four Summit theatres, a large networking area to meet up with speakers and an indoor demo area. PTV, Swarco, Yunex Traffic, EasyPark, Skidata, Flowbird, Be-Mobile, Nissan, Mercedes, Vitronic, Capgemini, Movyon, Cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, European Parking Association, Polis, MaaS Alliance, International Road Federation, IRF Global, European Cyclists’ Federation, Dutch Cycling Embassy, and national ITS organisations are all part of the programme. 
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Crowds will be flocking to Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024 (© RAI Amsterdam)


ITSUP: Where new ideas come to life

Up and coming businesses are the future of the ITS industry – which is why Intertraffic Amsterdam offers start-ups their own platform: ITSUP. These young companies benefit from the international exposure which the Intertraffic brand gives them, making pitches and gaining valuable contacts. Located in a dedicated area - with an open stage for presentations and a networking corner for matchmaking - ITSUP is again sponsored by Swarco. This year's ITSUP Challenge will be all about encouraging collaboration among different start-ups and bringing cities directly into the equation with two key topics in focus: sustainability and road safety. Start-ups will be assisted by experts from the mobility industry, guiding them through the development phases. Every start-up will have the opportunity to pitch, and hear the needs and challenges of the cities that will act as potential customers. The winning idea will come to life on the streets and will have Swarco’s support for future developments. Participation criteria and registration form can be found at

The start-up programme will embrace city authorities (© RAI Amsterdam)


Intertraffic Awards 2024: which finalists are in it to win it?

There are three categories in the Intertraffic Awards 2024, with five nominees already chosen by the jury panel for each. The next step is a day at RAI Amsterdam when the finalists will make presentations and answer questions from the jury. And the winners? That will be a closely-guarded secret until the opening ceremony of Intertraffic Amsterdam on 16 April.



G-Sign Way by EZ Group - South Korea – stand 08.466
Modular sign uses light guide film technology, solving the problems of high-power consumption and night readability of existing signs, with its EZ Free Sheet – a light-emitting film.

KEHV – Kinetic Energy Harvesting from Vehicles by Movyon – Italy – stand 01.228
Platform converts the kinetic energy generated by the passage of vehicular traffic into electrical energy, based on a device inserted within the asphalt where vehicle usually decelerate.

Seal – Safety Enabled Adaptive Lighting by Invision AI & Ex Machina – Greece – stand SUP05.20
Solution enables adaptive lighting on motorways to generate energy savings of up to 70% by fusing data from multiple sources and high-integrity automatic incident detection by AI-powered cameras.

SR-Eco-Bali by Sernis – Portugal – stand 01.207
Bollard is crafted from challenging-to-decompose optical-fibre cables. A sustainable solution designed to improve urban mobility.

Whisper NB-Eco-40-A3 acoustic panels by Sealed Air – Italy – stand 08.765
Sustainable solution for acoustic absorption in noise barrier walls. This recyclable product can offer close to 25% reduction in CO2 emissions over similar mineral wool solutions. 


Audio-AI-Based Road Hazard Information System by SK Planet - South Korea – stand 08.466
Solution allows AI to check and respond to road hazards such as ice and wetness by analysing driving sounds to determine road surface conditions in real time.

High Sensitive Lane by Movyon – Italy – stand 01.228
System based on an IoT LED lighting device installed on the roadside barrier, integrated with sensors that detect road conditions and traffic events and send data to the traffic management platform.

Lanternn by Valerann – UK – stand 05.415
Advanced real-time data analytics platform for road traffic operations, optimisation and improvements.

Meridian Archer-Guard by Meridian Rapid Defense Group - US – stand 08.668
Modular system protects people, workers, drivers and equipment with a solution that can fit any road work situation, whether overhead work, ditch work or manhole work.

RiskAware – Multimodal Road Safety Data Product by Vianova - France – stand 03.214D
Software solution empowers cities to leverage diverse data sources to generate novel insights, assess relative risks, and evaluate the efficacy of safety measures.


DataFromSky Flow Emissions by DataFromSky - Czech Republic – stand 01.511
Video-enhanced traffic-emissions monitoring solution which harnesses video-based traffic sensor technology, optimising flow and operational efficiency.

PTV Flows by PTV Group – Germany – stand 02.216
Software as a Service product allowing traffic operators to monitor and predict traffic without the need for extensive resources.

Skidata Connect by Skidata - Austria – stand 02.100
User-friendly LinPark 2.0 app guides drivers to on- and off-street spots.

SoundVue by Intelligent Instruments – UK – stand 05.124
This combines a Class 1 sound analyser with high resolution cameras, with algorithms detecting excess noise from nuisance vehicles – from exhausts, horns or music.

Traffio Software by – Australia – stand 05.355C
Scheduling and operations platform designed specifically for the temporary traffic management industry. 

The winners of the last Intertraffic Awards pose with the jury (© RAI Amsterdam)


Best practice from ITS projects across Europe

Among the many subjects that the Summit sessions touch on are lessons learned from cooperative ITS (C-ITS) and automated driving, digital infrastructure for connected drivers, data-driven solutions for connected and automated vehicles (C/AVs) and new Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) technologies. There will also be emphasis on best practice from ITS projects and mobility data platforms across Europe, from national ITS associations and Napcore to in-car traffic management using C-ITS, and smart data services for road users from Be-Mobile, TomTom, Mercedes, Nissan and Heijmans. There will be discussion on connected mobility and digital infrastructure services, standards and interoperability from Monotch. Authorities such as CCAM and Crow will outline guidance on preparing infrastructure for digital transformation. Speakers from Europe, the US and Asia shed light on where we stand in terms of automated driving and connected services for road users, sharing experiences in driverless car deployment from Cruise and Waymo. Above all, attendees will come away with the knowledge that these technologies are not something from the future – they are a key part of projects that are already being implemented around the world.

ITS International will be producing the Daily News during Intertraffic Amsterdam 2024

 Something for everyone on the Summit programme (© RAI Amsterdam)
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