Next up: ITS World Congress in Los Angeles

Los Angeles event in September will cover sustainability, digitalisation and C/AVs
Enforcement / June 3, 2022
By Adam Hill
ITS World Congress LA smart mobility decarbonisation innovation transport © F11photo |
New features include an Innovation Zone, the invite-only ITS Transportation Tech Leaders Club and an Emergency Response Day (© F11photo |

With a successful ITS European Congress in Toulouse now wrapped up, the next major meet-up for the global ITS industry will be at the ITS World Congress in Los Angeles later this year.

Delegates in Toulouse were given a preview of the US event, which takes place from 18-22 September.

As well as an exhibition and conference programme, there will be technical tours - including to the port of Long Beach - and a look at what LA Metro is planning beneath the streets.

While the City of Angels has for so many years been a monument to the reach and popularity of the automobile, Los Angeles’ authorities have embarked on an ambitious programme to promote the benefits of public transport and active travel.

Among the major topics for the 2022 Congress will be The Path to Vision Zero; Intelligent, Connected and Automated Vehicles; Equitable and Seamless Mobility; Technology from Entry to the Last Mile; Sustainability & Resilience; and Digital Infrastructure.

There will be new features including an Innovation Zone, which will feature exhibitors which have launched in the last five years, and an invite-only networking initiative, the ITS Transportation Tech Leaders Club.

There will also be an Emergency Response Day, dedicated to first responders, including curated sessions.

The Congress is organised by ITS America and ITS International is proud to be continuing its longstanding partnership with the event by again producing three editions of the Daily News in LA.

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