Florida city receives kerb management tech

Coord smart zones will improve mobility downtown, say West Palm Beach authorities
Enforcement / January 26, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Smart Zones will provide West Palm Beach with information to make operational changes (© Ryan Jones | Dreamstime.com)
Smart Zones will provide West Palm Beach with information to make operational changes (© Ryan Jones | Dreamstime.com)

Florida's West Palm Beach is taking part in Coord’s Smart Zone pilot programme to better manage the city’s kerbs - particularly when it comes to van deliveries. 

It follows Omaha (Nebraska), Nashville (Tennessee) and Aspen (Colorado) as the latest US city to feature Coord’s kerb management technology as part of the firm's inaugural Digital Curb Challenge. 

In Florida the pilot is being carried out in collaboration with real estate firm Related Companies. 

A statement issued on the city's website says Coord's technology enables commercial drivers to use mobile devices to locate nearby available loading zones and to hold, book and pay for time in them. 

This will make it easier for businesses to receive supplies and fulfil customer requests for deliveries while also improving mobility for those visiting the downtown neighbourhood by reducing double-parking and blocked pedestrian access, the city adds.

The city will use Smart Zones to streamline the downtown area's commercial deliveries that serve restaurants, retailers, cultural institutions and other businesses.

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith A. James says: “This new technology will help make our downtown streets safer for our businesses, residents and drivers.”

Additionally, Coord's Smart Zones are expected to provide information that will help the city make operational changes. 

For example, programme data can be used to understand when and where loading space is most needed and to help manage demand for it through pricing and time limits. 

According to West Palm Beach, Coord’s platform allows a city to make rules adjustments for zones in response to policy changes or emergencies without modifying signage on the street because Smart Zone availability, rules and prices are digitally communicated to drivers.

Kerb management is an ongoing issue for city authorities.

Last September, CurbFlow launched a service to provide delivery drivers with information on available kerb space - using its network of merchant-hosted devices in Washington, DC and Columbus, Ohio. 


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