CerebrumX thinks hard about first responders

Data specialist partners with RTC on RoadMedic to reduce 911 response times
Enforcement / October 26, 2022
By Adam Hill
Emergency response data collection cloud technology innovation © Ilkin Guliyev | Dreamstime.com
Getting to incidents quickly and safely is key (© Ilkin Guliyev | Dreamstime.com)

Connected car data specialist CerebrumX Lab is partnering with Roadside Telematics Corp (RTC), provider of the RoadMedic 911 data solution.

It means RoadMedic will be upgraded with CerebrumX traffic data and real-time crash data, customised for OEMs and automotive service providers.

CerebrumX says its augmented deep learning platform uses AI and machine learning to unlock embedded vehicle data, including telemetry, diagnostics, first notice of loss, driver behaviours and advanced driver assistance systems from automotive OEMs.

By converting this data into AI insights and sharing them with first responders as and when a crash occurs, RTC and CerebrumX "can significantly reduce 911 response times while empowering data-driven next-generation 911 emergency response, which will be more effective and efficient", the companies say.

With accurate information on collisions, lane closures and congestion, RTC believes it will be able to dispatch response without delays and find the shortest routes to the site of incidents.

“We are keen to actualise the integration of CerebrumX with next-generation 911 emergency services to equip first responders to make informed decisions during emergencies and take actions quickly following an incident”, said Kapil Arora, chief sales officer, at CerebrumX.

“With our intelligent datasets and AI analysis, we are confident about improving driver and road safety through time-bound, effective, and life-saving decisions.”

The two companies' solutions will have a unified dashboard, simple interface and a reliable cloud infrastructure.

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