Empowering Vision Zero decisions on Miovision One platform

Miovision One offers a 'unified interface for a seamless user experience', firm says
Enforcement / August 29, 2023
emergency response intersection safety AI technology (image: Miovision)
Cities can gain faster and more cost-effective insights into at-risk areas (image: Miovision)

Miovision is a leading provider of integrated solutions that collect multimodal traffic data and uncover actionable insights to help cities achieve their Vision Zero objectives. 

With our recent acquisitions and advancements in road safety models and technology leveraging AI, Miovision offers comprehensive, efficient solutions to empower decision makers to address safety concerns faced by communities today. 


Miovision One is a transformative software platform for mobility innovation that addresses current and future global mobility challenges. Built for Miovision and traffic management applications, it offers a unified interface for a seamless user experience and the ability to add new capabilities as traffic networks evolve. 

Designed to manage traffic flow, reduce congestion, improve safety, and optimise transportation networks, Miovision One provides a range of features and tools in a cloud-based platform. A recent addition to the Miovision portfolio is the integration of Miovision Safety Studies into the Miovision One platform. 

Using powerful AI technology and Computer Vision to measure near-misses, vehicle speeds, timing, conflict angle, user vulnerability, and other risk factors can help accurately predict where a serious crash is likely to occur. It provides a much deeper understanding of risk than historical crash data, including a proactive understanding of serious risk factors for crash types that have not yet appeared in the crash record. 

By leveraging this technology, cities can gain faster and more cost-effective insights into at-risk areas, enabling them to diagnose and proactively address risky situations promptly. 

Miovision has further enhanced its capabilities with the acquisition of Opticom to provide preemption and priority control. 

With the upcoming integration of Opticom into our platform, Miovision Opticom for Safety enables Chiefs of Police and Fire to ensure the safe and expedited travel of their emergency crews for quicker response times without compromising safety and improving overall emergency response efficiency.

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