Vitronic signs €200m worth of contracts in Middle East

Machine vision firm says it will install 2,000 traffic enforcement systems in next few months
Enforcement / September 27, 2023
By Adam Hill
Road traffic technology intersections machine vision innovation (image: Vitronic)
Technology 'continually enhances our safety on our roads' (image: Vitronic)

Vitronic Middle East says it will install over 2,000 "cutting-edge traffic enforcement systems in high-risk areas" over the next few months. 

Although no details are given, this is part of the company signing contracts worth €

200 million with its long-term customers in the region, it says.

"Traffic management and enforcement systems provide benefits that extend beyond the daily lives of individuals," Vitronic says in a statement.

"These systems have positive effects on the country, ultimately enhancing the standard of living for its inhabitants. Road accidents have multiple implications for a country's GDP. By reducing the occurrence of accidents, significant savings can be achieved in terms of medical emergency care expenses and deployments of police and other professionals."

Monitoring and enforcement are vital to achieve road safety, it says.

“Witnessing firsthand how technology continually enhances our safety on our roads serves as the driving force behind our daily business operations," says Youssef El Hansali, CEO, Vitronic Machine Vision Middle East.

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