Drivewyze & start Oregon safety project

Umatilla County deal will give truck drivers in-cab, real-time road closure alerts
Enforcement / March 29, 2024
By David Arminas
Oregon GIS planning safety workzone © Kipiru |
Umatilla County is in north-east Oregon (© Kipiru | has partnered with Drivewyze for a workzone safety project in the US state of Oregon.

The companies will develop what they call a “first in the nation” programme to digitise rural roadway disruptions and workzones and provide in-cab safety alerts specifically for truck drivers. Simon Topp,’s chief commercial officer, said the capability is a critical component to achieve Vision Zero.

Recent US government data indicates one out of three workzone fatal crashes involves at least one large truck. 

“For the first time in the United States, road crews in the workzone will be able to use our Live Link app to reach truckers with comprehensive, timely and vetted work zone information,” said Topp. “That information will be shared through Drivewyze’s Smart Roadways software assuring that freight operators have the most accurate information delivered into truck cabs at the right time and in the format they use most.”

Topp said the partnership with Drivewyze provides a precedent for other counties and regions to follow, showcasing how innovative technologies can revolutionise road safety and traffic management. “Because it is bisected by Interstate 84 and with its combination of town and rural roads, Umatilla County is the perfect test bed.”

The pilot will allow Umatilla County in north-east Oregon to use’s Traffic Management planning and communication tool to increase efficiency, both on roadways and in traffic management centres.

Traffic managers will be able to provide weather-related closures alerts through integration with meteorological data sources. Emergency notifications can be sent during natural disasters or other critical situations. There will be comprehensive data integration through the use of geographic information systems (GIS) for a visual representation of incidents and closures on maps, offering a clear overview for better decision-making.

As an added benefit, the deployment of Drivewyze’s Smart Roadways Work Zone and Planned Lane Closure Alerts will allow Umatilla County traffic managers to assess the impact of delivering in-cab safety alerts, including hard-braking events and changes in speed, on truck driver behaviour, all the while continually monitoring the overall number of alerts sent to trucks.

The county’s work with the partnership between and Drivewyze allows resource-constrained agencies the potential to be get even more significant benefit out of emerging solutions than their urban counterparts, which are often better funded and staffed, said Adrian Pearmine, consultant for the project manager of the Umatilla County project. provides of end-to-end solutions for digital right-of-way management in the US and UK. It was recently acquired by Causeway Technologies which is based in Buckinghamshire, England. Causeway serves over 3,000 customers globally with over 500 employees providing enterprise and cloud software solutions to support the digitalisation of the construction and maintenance industries.

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