TRB 2023: session highlights

Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting covers a range of mobility topics
Enforcement / January 9, 2023
By Adam Hill
TRB 2023 Annual Meeting Washington DC research sessions (© ITS International)
Crowds thronged at yesterday's TRB opening (© ITS International)

The Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2023 is underway in Washington, DC.

There is a broad range of sessions, with themes including: Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Equity, Climate Change and Resilience Sessions, Physical Infrastructure, Public Transportation, Security and Cyber Resilience, Connected and Autonomous and Electric Vehicles, Workforce, Students and Young Professionals.

There is a focused Spotlight Sessions programme under the umbrella theme of Rejuvenation Out of Disruption: Envisioning a Transportation System for a Dynamic Future.

Highlights include a City DoT CEO roundtable; Building a Better Transportation Future for All Through the New USDoT Research, Development, and Technology 5-Year
Strategic Plan; and Transportation Decarbonisation: An Interagency Approach at the Federal Level.

At 6pm ET Monday 9 January, transport veteran Charles A. Fuhs III will give the Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture: Re-envisioning Mobility on Urban Freeways: The Emergence and Evolving Roles of Managed Lanes.

The meeting programme covers all transportation modes, with sessions and workshops addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions.

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