Openvia inks in V2X agreement with GMV

Through NeoRoads, firms will develop solutions for V2X comms tech with focus on 5G-V2X
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / January 19, 2024
By David Arminas
Digitalisation infrastructure V2X communications © Jerry Kundrotas |
NeoRoads is designed to help road operators digitalise their infrastructure (© Jerry Kundrotas |

Openvia Mobility, Globalvia’s technology and innovation platform, has signed a collaboration agreement with technology group GMV as part of its NeoRoads initiative.

Openvia’s NeoRoads focuses on the development of connected, safe and sustainable roads. The companies will jointly develop solutions for Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communications technology – on-road and in-vehicle – with a particular focus on 5G-V2X cellular-based connectivity.

NeoRoads will provide road operators with a complete package of services and technologies to digitalise their infrastructure, thus improve their operations and maintenance and adapt to future types of electric and connected vehicle traffic.

The companies also said NeoRoads will make infrastructure maintenance activities more efficient and sustainable by preventing failures and addressing deficiencies before they occur.

OpenVia's Fernando Vallejo Lázaro (left) with Miguel Ángel Martínez Olagüe from GMV

GMV will play a key role in this Openvia project when it comes to using C-V2X communications, especially for situations related to road safety such as road works ahead, as well as cooperative manoeuvres between vehicles and infrastructure.

“We firmly believe that this alliance with GMV will open the door for us to make great strides in our connected and smart roads,” said Fernando Vallejo Lázaro, managing director of Openvia Mobility.

Miguel Ángel Martínez Olagüe, general manager for intelligent transportation systems at GMV, said the efforts by the both companies will “deliver innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions that meet the current needs of operators around the world”.

GMV is a privately-owned technology group founded in 1984 and operating internationally in space, aeronautics, defense and security, cybersecurity, intelligent transportation systems and automotive sectors. In 2022, it had total revenue of more than €311 million with 75% of its turnover from international projects.

Openvia Mobility, Globalvia’s innovation and technology platform, operates in the sectors of intelligent roads, mobility and advanced air mobility. 

Created in 2007 and managed by international pension funds, Globalvia manages 21 motorways, seven railways, high-speed rail and the Go-Ahead platform in 11 countries.

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