XenomatiX enters mobile mapping with GPC360

Data captured encompasses details of infrastructure such as traffic signs and light poles
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / May 31, 2024
By David Arminas
Mapping Lidar digital 360° GPS © Elena Nazarova | Dreamstime.com
Digital asset representation and precise geolocation are among GPC360's offerings (© Elena Nazarova | Dreamstime.com)

XenomatiX has entered the mobile mapping sector with its GPC360 that uses integrated Lidar-GNSS systems on moving vehicles to gather comprehensive 3D geospatial data.

The company says that, apart from road information, the data captured by GPC360 encompasses intricate details of infrastructure such as traffic signs, light poles, parking spaces, power cables and vegetation. Applications include inventory and asset management, environmental monitoring and urban planning.

Overall, the GPC360 – a compact all-in-one unit - has four key advantages: digital asset representation, precise geolocation, comprehensive 3D visualisation and dimensional analysis. The combination of Lidar and GPS ensures accurate pinpointing of assets. The process is streamlined, with data collection and visualisation happening within minutes.

Customer benefits include a cost-effective mobile mapping kit. Because the GPC360 is compact, it affords easy installation and is suitable for any vehicle, with precise correction for vehicle ego-motion.

The system is an integrated solution encompassing both hardware and software. It facilitates on-board data capture and storage, providing the necessary tools for real-time recording of environmental information. Moreover, its software offers offline functionalities for the meticulous creation of highly accurate geo-referenced digital models of the 360° environment.

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