Innoviz and Cron AI link for V2X

InnovizOne Lidar sensor and SenseEdge platform will help access3D point cloud processed data
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / June 10, 2021
By Adam Hill
Innoviz Cron AI Lidar V2X
Cron AI's SenseEdge will 'make better use' of InnovizOne's sensor and scanning resources

Lidar specialist Innoviz Technologies has partnered with Cron AI to target the ITS, Vehicle to Everything (V2X) and Smart Cities markets.

The companies will seek to speed the take-up of the InnovizOne Lidar sensor and Cron AI’s SenseEdge edge computing platform, which the companies say is well placed to "exploit the unique features of InnovizOne to make better use of its sensor and scanning resources".
"InnovizOne’s dense and high-resolution point cloud enables SenseEdge to provide real-time, low latency, highly accurate and reliable object metadata information that is stronger than traditional object detection and tracking," they add in a statement.

This would offer users more useful data about the movements of other vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

“Our goal is to make it easier and more compelling for new industries to access the huge value of 3D point cloud processed data," says Tushar Chhabra, co-founder and CEO at Cron AI.

"With InnovizOne, we can now provide customers a perception solution using perception techniques and computing architectures best suited to processing 3D data."

SenseEdge will also support InnovizTwo, which was recently announced.
Omer Keilaf, CEO and co-founder of Innoviz, said: “We are continually seeking ways to reduce cost, risk and time to market for innovators such as Cron AI as we develop new use cases and applications for our Lidar sensors. Our partnership with Cron AI will allow us to offer and deliver next-generation solutions.”         

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