IRF names Asimob Start-Up Label winner

Asimob to provide autonomous road inspector worldwide in 10 years
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / October 20, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Asimob 'autonomous road inspector International Road Federation ITS World Congress Hamburg
Asimob says its system will detect incidents on the road, including the degradation in lane markings (© Vladislav Astanin |

Asimob won the 2021 edition of the International Road Federation (IRF) Start-up Label at ITS World Congress in Hamburg for its road monitoring tool. 

The Start-Up Label is one of the ways that the federation helps mobility start-ups build trust with their stakeholders. 

In an online interview, Asimob says it developed the tool an 'autonomous road inspector' as a tool to improve road monitoring and maintenance and reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes.

The system collects data and video from vehicles and applies computer vision and data analytics on the cloud in order to detect automatically incidents on the road, including irregularities on the pavement, changes in signals, degradation in lane markings.

The company reveals that its main challenge is to raise awareness about the possibility of using technology as an affordable way to optimise daily road maintenance work. 

According to Asimob: “We need public authorities and maintenance companies to know that this type of solution exists, and that is applicable and feasible not only for highways but also for secondary roads. In fact, our solution is especially useful for the secondary roads, which are normally the deadliest ones.”

Looking ahead, Asimob confirms it will provide the autonomous road inspector to roads worldwide in 10 years. It will also have developed the system to check if a road can be used by level 4 or level 5 autonomous vehicles.

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