Pennsylvania and Georgia contract wins for Rekor Systems

Firm studies vehicle patterns in Philadelphia's Navy Yard and in Metro Atlanta
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / January 29, 2024
By David Arminas
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Rekor Systems has won two new accounts in the US.

The company's mobility division has formalised its pilot programme with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, its traffic services operation, now including the recently-acquired All Traffic Data (ATD), has secured a $1 million traffic-counting contract in the US state of Georgia.

PIDC is Philadelphia's public-private economic development corporation and master developer of Philadelphia's historic Navy Yard, a 1,200-acre (485-hectare) site that was granted by the federal government in 2000. Rekor originally initiated testing to analyse traffic patterns and gain critical insights within the Navy Yard campus.

PIDC's objectives during the pilot phase were to enhance visibility into road closures, assess construction impact on mobility and optimise traffic flow during major events. The corporation wanted to deepen its understanding of traffic volume, vehicle type - including electric vehicles - environmental impact, such as greenhouse gases, and the efficacy of speed mitigation measures.

As part of the initial pilot, Rekor deployed its advanced Edge Series Systems, equipped with powerful processing that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to gather data to gain insights across the entire Navy Yard campus.

These insights were delivered to PIDC through the the Vehicle Insite application as part of the Rekor Discover AI-driven traffic analytics platform. It delivers a real-time understanding of vehicles and traffic flowing through the campus, to more than 150 companies and 15,000 employees.

Since the technology's implementation in January 2022, PIDC has gained insights into Navy yard roadways, benefiting its planning and daily operations. The project has also enabled PIDC to recover costs associated with property damage, prepare for events, proactively manage road maintenance, efficiently deploy resources and strategically plan future electric vehicle charge station deployments.

"With our new $6 billion redevelopment plan that is projected to bring an additional 12,000 plus jobs plus thousands of residents to the campus, we needed a platform to effectively monitor and analyse vehicle patterns,” said Kate McNamara, senior vice president at the Navy Yard. “Our partnership with Rekor will allow us to gain insights from their platforms to optimise daily management of our campus and inform longer-term planning as we create a brand-new community in Philadelphia."

Rekor products use AI-enabled computer vision and machine learning as part of the company’s digital infrastructure offerings. The Rekor One Roadway Intelligence Engine is the foundation of the company’s technology.


What's happening in Gwinnett County?


Meanwhile, in the state of Georgia, Rekor's traffic-counting deal is with Gwinnett County, part of Metro Atlanta and situated nine miles north-east of the city limits. 

The Gwinnett Department of Transportation has tasked Rekor with the collection of data for annual traffic volumes programme, traffic signal timing optimisation projects and studies that include vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian counts.

Rekor’s acquisition of ATD adds county-level portable traffic study work to its existing permanent traffic count portfolio.

Gwinnett County is situated in the north-central region of Georgia, encompassing around 2,650 miles of roadways. As of 2021, the county had a population of nearly 965,000, ranking it the second-most populous county in the state.

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