TRL to create digital twin of UK roads

Transport Research Laboratory and Gaist to explore potential applications of roads data
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / August 6, 2021
By Ben Spencer
TRL Gaist digital twin UK road network road asset data transport infrastructure
TRL to examine role of roads data in supporting a safer transport infrastructure (image credit: Gaist)

TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) is working with Gaist to develop a 'digital twin' of UK roads, which could play a vital role in how they are repaired. 

TRL says such a twin could also help prioritise investments and interventions and reducing delays and disruption for road users. 

It would also help planners and policymakers to better understand the useful lifetime of an asset and the demands it is likely to face as well as support predictions around how city transport systems can respond to the multiple burdens, the laboratory adds. 

TRL and the provider of roadscape intelligence services will explore the case for the digital twin using data updated in near real-time. 

Both parties will work together to solve global roads challenges, shape the road asset data and standards landscape and explore potential advanced applications of roads data.

They will also examine the role of roads data in supporting more efficient, greener and safer transport infrastructure.

TRL says the capability to ingest Gaist's road asset data will be integrated into its software's iRoads asset management system, enhancing each other's existing data products and services. 

Gaist CRO Andrew Loveless says: “Together with TRL, we will present the 'best of British' in asset data capture and asset management systems to international customers and work together to push forward our industry and promote UK exports abroad.”

As part of the collaboration, Gaist is to join TRL’s Smart Mobility Living Lab London, which allows mobility organisations to test new products and services on public roads. 

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