Versilis & Haas to offer Safety Cloud alerts

Versilis safety gates are now integrated with Haas Alert’s C-V2X digital alert solution
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / May 4, 2021
By David Arminas
Versilis Haas Alert C-V2X solution Safety Cloud Infrastructure to Vehicle
Haas Alert’s C-V2X solution sends real-time digital alerts to connected cars (© BiancoBlue |

Versilis has partnered with Haas Alert to offer motorists Safety Cloud, an Infrastructure to Vehicle (I2V) solution that sends notifications of road layout changes and lane closures.

Haas Alert’s Safety Cloud, a cellular-V2X (C-V2X) solution, sends real-time digital alerts to drivers and connected cars to aid drivers in making safer, smarter driving decisions. C-V2X uses 3GPP standardised 4G LTE or 5G mobile cellular connectivity to send and receive signals from a vehicle to other vehicles, pedestrians or to fixed objects such as traffic lights in its surroundings.

Safety Cloud can now be integrated with Versilis’ access control solutions to provide a real-time automotive collision prevention system improving workers’ and motorists’ safety. Safety Cloud delivers notifications to oncoming motorists that Versilis’ automated signs and gates are in a deployed position, indicating a road or lane closure ahead.

When police, firefighters, EMS crews, tow trucks, and other roadway workers are on-scene or en route to a call, nearby drivers receive real-time alerts through navigation apps and vehicle systems delivered via Safety Cloud.

These alerts are received by motorists, connected cars and autonomous vehicles via in-vehicle systems and navigation applications such as Waze - a GPS navigation software app and a subsidiary of Google - giving drivers clear advance warning and more time to safely slow down and move over. Receiving an advance warning about the nearby roadway hazard reduces the risk of crashes by up to 90%, according to Versilis.

Waze lane closure Versilis Haas Alert

Safety Cloud delivers notifications to oncoming motorists that Versilis’ automated signs and gates are in a deployed position (image courtesy: Versilis)

Waze works on smartphones and tablet computers that have GPS support. It provides turn-by-turn navigation information and user-submitted travel times and route details, while downloading location-dependent information over a mobile telephone network.

Versilis, based in Laval, near Montreal, Canada, produces in automated roadway access control systems – most notably its Swiftgate products. The company offers integrated access control solutions which include a variety of ITS field devices, such as advance warning signs and gates. Field devices are integrated using Versilis communication components specifically designed for the transportation industry to allow easy local and remote control.

Hass, based in Chicago, says that more than 100 public safety departments and road authority fleets in the US are equipped with its solution.


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