Forum8 offers 3D cityspace simulations

Customers can use models of landscapes within Forum 8's VR-Design Studio
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / September 8, 2021
Forum8 AccuCities 3D models urban landscapes drive simulation VR-Design Studio
AccuCities model of 500km² of London imported into VR-Design Studio (image credit: AccuCities/Forum8)

Forum8 has entered a partnership with AccuCities that will allow it to offer 3D models of urban landscapes that can be used in drive simulation applications. 

Forum8 – a 3D simulation software company says – the models can also be utilised in other applications, such as infrastructure development and flood modelling. 

The models are available in Forum 8's 3D simulation & modelling software VR-Design Studio.

The company says its studio allows users to interact with the model and experience a drive or walk through the virtual cityscape as if they were actually there.

One such example is an AccuCities model of 500km² of London.

Brendan Hafferty, western regional general manager at Forum8, says: “This new partnership with AccuCities provides Forum8 Ire’s customers with a relatively quick and easy way to develop the 3D VR environment of their choice.”

AccuCities says its city models library consists of ready-made CAD models structured in 500 x 500 meters tiles.

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