EU connected transport at new Frontier

Tech trials including AI, C/AVs and Big Data analytics will take place in Belgium, Greece and UK 
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / June 25, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Frontier EU International Road Federation transport management system AV Aimsun, Oxfordshire City Council
Frontier partners will utilise technologies including traffic sensing and AI (© Ekkasit919 |

A consortium, including the International Road Federation (IRF), is using €5 million from the European Union to develop a transport management system that will favour autonomous vehicles (AVs). 

Members of the Frontier project will utilise different systems to create a transport system that will also give priority to transfer among different modes. 

Technologies will include wireless traffic sensing, artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data predictive analytics, connected and autonomous vehicles and multimodal transport modelling. 

As part of the collaboration, the IRF is to develop a Smart Road Infrastructure Classification Index to help enable different transport systems to communicate with each other more effectively. 

Once the technologies have been developed, they will be deployed in pilot projects in Antwerp (Belgium), Athens (Greece) and Oxfordshire (UK). 

The pilot projects are expected to ensure the viability of Frontier's new developed systems, interfaces and AI models in a bid to reduce traffic, create safer driving environments and put smarter vehicles on the road. 

Other partners involved in the project include Aimsun, Oxfordshire City Council, University of Antwerp, Frontier Innovations, TagMaster, StreetDrone, Intrasoft International and the Technical University of Crete

Frontier is funded by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency, a funding body which seeks to advance the European Green Deal through programme management. 

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