Ingka invests £12m in What3Words tech 

Info will reduce CO2 emissions and vehicles on the road - and help with drone deliveries
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / April 2, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Ingka What3words deliveries drones autonomous vehicles
Ingka says users can specify locations such as a side door or utility entrance (image credit: What3words)

Ingka Investments has invested nearly £12 million in location technology from What3words to address the ongoing rise of urban deliveries in cities. 

Ingka is the owner and operator of 389 Ikea stores and e-commerce activities in 32 countries.

What3words has created a solution for inaccurate addressing - which Ingka describes as an issue in developing and developed countries - by dividing the world into a grid of 3m squares and giving each square a combination of three words: a what3words address.

For example, ///filled.count.soap will take you to the exact front door to what3words’ London office.

Ingka says highly accurate location information will improve the success of first-time deliveries, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and vehicles on the road.

Krister Mattsson, managing director of Ingka, says: “We see value in helping to support the build-up of a universal addressing system that can lead to better customer experience, while the precise locations will allow for a reduction in overall miles travelled, reducing the carbon footprint of home deliveries.”

According to Ingka, the system allows people to specify a precise location such as a side door or utility entrance, which is valuable for deliveries. 

It is also expected to provide the accuracy needed for new delivery modes such as drones and autonomous vehicles. 

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