Genetec and Outsight collaborate on Lidar integration

Tie-up allows customers to combine sensors from various manufacturers
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / October 24, 2023
By Adam Hill
Lidar integrate sensor cybersecurity real-time data © wacomka |
Genetec Security Center platform will now 'seamlessly integrate' data processed by Outsight (© wacomka |

Lidar company Outsight and cybersecurity specialist Genetec say they have integrated all of their solutions.

This means that the Genetec Security Center platform will now "seamlessly integrate data processed by Outsight, regardless of the Lidar device source".

Genetec director of critical infrastructure practice David Lenot, says: "We believe 3D Lidar technology is going to be a key enabler for many industries to address security and safety challenges and improve operations efficiency. The capability of Outsight perception software being compatible with any hardware vendor offers a wide range of possibilities to meet the high demand of customers."

Genetec's products also include the AutoVu ANPR system and Stratocast cloud-based video monitoring solution.

Raul Bravo, president founder of Outsight, says the collaboration "offers unparalleled freedom to customers, allowing them to select the best hardware and seamlessly combine sensors from various manufacturers".

The companies say users can "easily" amalgamate Lidar data with other sources, such as cameras and radar.

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