'End to end' traffic management from Outsight and GridMatrix partnership

Companies have teamed up to provide Lidar data and traffic analytics to authorities
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / June 21, 2023
By Adam Hill
Lidar traffic analytics road safety technology innovation © 1000words | Dreamstime.com
Bringing clarity: new partnership (© 1000words | Dreamstime.com)

Lidar and 3D perception software specialist Outsight and Software as a Service (SaaS) traffic analytics provider GridMatrix have signed a strategic partnership.

The companies say they will offer an "integrated, end-to-end traffic management solution that promises to dramatically improve traffic monitoring, safety, and efficiency for their locale and state government customers and partners". 
Outsight will provide real-time, granular traffic data while GridMatrix will use it to generate traffic reports, flow optimisation, incident detection and safety metrics.
“Our partnership with GridMatrix opens up new possibilities in the field of proactive traffic safety analytics,” said Murat Atalay, director of customer engagement and solutions at Outsight.

“By combining our technologies, we will provide municipalities with a powerful tool for understanding and managing traffic patterns in real time. This will enhance safety, reduce congestion, and promote more efficient, sustainable urban living.”
The idea is that it will give authorities more information to make decisions on road design, traffic signal timing, congestion management and emergency response.
Austin Wilson, GridMatrix vice president of business development, says: "Our partners and customers will now have access to a more complete and accurate understanding of their road networks."

"This partnership will enable our combined products to usher in a new world of systemic safety, drive equitable innovation throughout communities, and revolutionise traffic management.”

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