Pictograms re-imagine traffic light design 

Art. Lebedev Studio light can come with a 5G module and sensors to monitor air quality
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / August 24, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Art. Lebedev Studio UOMP Industrial Design Centre traffic lights pictograms 5G module Wi-Fi adapter
Art. Lebedev Studio's new traffic lights fit all the required signals onto one screen (image credit: Art. Lebedev Studio)

Art. Lebedev Studio has partnered with the UOMP Industrial Design Centre to work on a new approach to traffic lights using pictograms. 

The existing style of lights allows those with colour vision disorders to identify a signal by its location. 

Art. Lebedev Studio says the new design preserves this hint by incorporating the pictograms where people would expect them to be.

Cities that previously wanted to distribute the flow of traffic moving in different directions at difficult intersections had to pay extra to have additional sections installed in the usual three-circle format, the company adds. 

The new traffic lights fit all the required signals onto one screen and they change to give a warning signal if the situation on the road changes suddenly: “The camera is built into the traffic light's visor, so you can analyse the situation on the road and keep an eye on the flow of vehicles around you.”

The traffic light can be installed with a 5G module, Wi-Fi adapter and sensors to measure temperature, air quality, humidity and noise levels.

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