Tieto develops AI-IoT pedestrian recognition 

Tieto and the Finnish city of Tampere have launched a pedestrian recognition system which it claims can achieve up to 99% accuracy - and 75% at night.  
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / February 13, 2020
By Ben Spencer
AI and IoT in action at an intersection (Source: City of Tampere)
AI and IoT in action at an intersection (Source: City of Tampere)

The software company says the solution utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things technology to automatically detect when a pedestrian is planning to cross the street at an intersection.

In Tampere, an intersection traffic camera feed was connected to a cloud-based AI system which monitors vehicles and pedestrians. The system sends an alert once its algorithms detect a pedestrian beginning to cross the street. This alert can be relayed to other connected systems and could be relayed directly to vehicles to alert drivers in the future, Tieto adds.  

Pekka Stenman, traffic engineer at the City of Tampere, says: “We want to see how people move, and perhaps construct heat maps of Tampere's pedestrian flows to assist with traffic planning. Another interesting opportunity is introducing more intelligence to traffic lights by identifying and predicting people flows.”

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