Drone AI learning platform takes off

Coptrz says free site has more than 600 courses covering a range of unmanned flight issues
Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision / October 12, 2022
By Adam Hill
Drones unmanned flight data management © Dmitry Kalinovsky | Dreamstime.com
drone piloting, there are others for associaAs well as drone piloting, there are also courses on data handling and business start-up (© Dmitry Kalinovsky | Dreamstime.com)

Coptrz has launched an AI-driven drone learning experience platform (LXP) platform designed for pilots, operators, managers or technicians involved in unmanned technology.

Basic access to the Coptrz Academy platform is free to everyone so individuals and organisations can start to use content immediately: click here for the sign-up page.
It hosts over 600 courses: in addition to obvious one such as drone piloting, there are others for associated skills, such as data handling; health & safety; project management & business start-up.  

It has taken two years' development and a 'six-figure investment, the company says.

“When it comes to new growing businesses in the drone sector we’ve often found that there’s a lack of resources to help entrepreneurs in this sector with finance, marketing and sales pitching as examples of skills gaps,” says Steve Coulson co-founder & CCO of COPTRZ.

“We’ve amalgamated this with drone courses for entrepreneurs as well as related management disciplines for those in larger organisations.” 
Students can rate their current skills levels in different disciplines and identify the level they would like to attain - the platform's AI then creates unique learner journeys from content both on and off the platform, the firm says.
In a statement, Coptrz adds: "The system is designed so that it has the flexibility to be used by any type of organisation who can use the white label option to brand the platform for their people and have full access to measurement and management dashboards."

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