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Multi-lane, multi-object detection devices offer highly accurate traffic monitoring
smartmicro smart cities

With our multi-lane, multi-object detection devices, you will achieve ultra-high detection performance and excellent counting accuracy for moving and stopped traffic – no matter if the road is straight or curved.

One single smartmicro sensor performs stop bar and advance detection for multiple lanes. This saves on both hardware and installation costs.

Thanks to ultra-high definition, you can classify traffic in seven classes – pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, passenger cars, transporters, trucks or buses and long trucks – to increase safety for every single road user, especially vulnerable road users (VRUs). 

Urban traffic flow

By enabling adaptive traffic light control and optimising the traffic flow in urban areas, we contribute to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions caused by unnecessarily queuing traffic.

Since our sensors are ready for any type of Car2X communication, real-time location of all traffic participants, their speed vector, class information and additional data are measured. This data will be broadcast, received by Car2X equipped vehicles, and will automatically help to avoid accidents.

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