Neuron gives e-scooters a 'brain'

New feature includes high accuracy location technology and rapid geofence detection
Classification & Data Collection / November 16, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Neuron e-scooter brain Australia Canada UK halt rapid geofence detection smart sensors
Neuron says findings will determine how selected features will roll out across its fleet internationally (© Paul74380 |

Neuron is applying what it calls an 'e-scooter brain' to 1,500 models in cities across Australia, Canada and the UK. 

Neuron says the brain includes high accuracy location technology (Halt), which allows the company to detect an e-scooter's location to within 10cm.

It will also feature rapid geofence detection, which triggers an e-scooter's response to a geofence in 0.3 seconds to help make them more controllable in cities. 

Additionally, the brain will have a range of smart sensors to counteract unsafe riding habits in real-time.

The company will also be able to give users an individual safety rating so it can educate, correct and incentivise good riding behaviour. 

Findings from the six-month trial in Ottawa (Canada), Brisbane and Darwin (Australia) and Slough (UK) will determine how selected features will be rolled out across Neuron's fleet internationally over the next 12 months. 

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