Snapper pieces Mosaiq together with Transit's insights

Transport agencies will be able to access more in-depth feedback, companies say
Classification & Data Collection / November 23, 2023
By Adam Hill
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Snapper and Transit together: more insight

Snapper Services is integrating its analytics platform Mosaiq Insights with urban transport app Transit - and is offering transit authorities a one-month free trial.

Agencies already use Transit’s Rate-My-Ride feature to ask questions about their rider’s journey, but will now be able to see it within Mosaiq Insights, which is matched with the same journey’s network performance data and shown side-by-side in the tool.

The companies say this will enable authorities "to analyse the quality of their services and prioritise opportunities for improvement informed by objective performance data and honest passenger feedback".

Snapper director of business development Jon Salmon says: "Our software integration will deliver exponential value to transit agencies, providing a clear overview of how their networks are performing and how passengers felt during their journeys."

David Block-Schachter, Transit chief business officer, says: “We believe that transit agencies are better when they truly understand the customer experience. Snapper’s objective performance data combined with Transit’s actionable passenger insights from Rate-My-Ride is a unique offering for authorities that understand that satisfying riders is about more than just on-time performance."

"By allowing agencies to quickly identify and fix key pain points for riders this integration is a further step toward our vision of a world where you don’t need a car to get to live your life.”

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