Applied & Haas combine to offer V2X alerts

Digital warnings will include emergency vehicle pre-emption at intersections
Classification & Data Collection / March 13, 2023
By Adam Hill
emergency vehicle connected V2X emergency  © Mrtwister |
Alerts can warn drivers of adverse road conditions (© Mrtwister |

Applied Information and Haas Alert have linked up to provide drivers with digital alerts about upcoming hazards, incidents or other roadway conditions.

Haas' Safety Cloud solution uses real-time hazard data from emergency vehicles, roadway assets and other sources to deliver alerts through connected vehicles and mobile navigation apps.

Motorists can receive them in any vehicle through Waze, as can those using Stellantis’ Uconnect telematics system in Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and RAM vehicles.

Applied's infrastructure, emergency, and non-emergency on-board units and roadside units are connected to the Safety Cloud platform, which means subscribed agencies can deliver the alerts to millions of connected cars and apps.

The companies say this integration will also enable advanced Vehicle to Everything capabilities between vehicles and roadside equipment, such as "emergency vehicle pre-emption at intersections to improve response time and reduce the risk of responder collisions, active school zones alerts to keep our children safer while arriving at and leaving school, and mid-block crosswalks when pedestrians are in the roadway".

“We know how much connectivity changes everything in the world of transportation," says Bryan Mulligan, CEO of Applied Information.

"Our integration with Safety Cloud means that agencies across the country will be able to use our equipment to deliver life-saving alerts to millions of connected cars and platforms, fulfilling our commitment to improving safety, reliability, and mobility.”

Cory Hohs, CEO of Haas Alert, says: "Digital alerting makes roads safer, and our partnership with Applied Information will help us prevent tragedies and get people home safely.”

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