CES 2024: Uber is going Here for ride-share & food delivery

Here Technologies will provide Uber with further location datasets to improve accuracy
Classification & Data Collection / January 8, 2024
By Adam Hill
Ride-hail last-mile location logistics Uber © Jair Fonseca | Dreamstime.com
Mapping helps create 'a fast and intuitive experience for on-demand mobility and delivery solution' (© Jair Fonseca | Dreamstime.com)

Data platform Here Technologies is extending its partnership with ride-hail giant Uber Technologies.

The company says in a statement it will "enhance Uber’s mapping capabilities globally for ride-share and food deliveries" by providing Uber with its point address and points of interest datasets.

Doing this will help provide "safe and more accurate drop-off and pick-up points at locations, including airports, stadiums, arenas and high-traffic areas globally".  

“The mapping capability is key to creating a fast and intuitive experience for on-demand mobility and delivery solutions,” said Ajay Dalvi, senior director of business development at Uber. 

“Ultimately, it’s all about ensuring end-users, from drivers to couriers to consumers, have the best possible experience when they’re using the Uber apps."

Stuart Ryan, Here SVP and general manager of the Americas, says: "The Here platform uniquely offers Uber the ability to customise the app offering, improving the customer experience with better precision and fresh maps data. This partnership will continue to build and improve on the Uber platform, making it safer and more efficient for rides and deliveries around the world.”

The firms will formally announce the move at CES 2024, which starts tomorrow in Las Vegas, US.

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