Monotch enables Belgium C-ITS project

€18.2 million project will see Monotch assisting Be-Mobile in delivering data interchange
Classification & Data Collection / November 26, 2021
By Ben Spencer
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Monotch says iTLCs will help better reconcile traffic flow for active road users (© Serhii Novikov |

Monotch's TLEX (traffic live exchange) platform is to establish bi-directional data exchange of cooperative ITS (C-ITS) data with traffic lights in Belgium in an €18.2 million project.

The Flanders region is allocating the funding to the Mobilidata programme, which is seeking to make traffic safer and more sustainable through smart data management and technology.

As part of the programme, Monotch will assist consortium member Be-Mobile in the delivery of the data interchange, a component within the project which provides the exchange of C-ITS messages between various parties in the ecosystem. 

The consortium is to realise 31 smart traffic solutions and a network of sustainable, smart and reliable data that communicates with on-board computers or smartphones. 

According to Monotch, this enables road authorities to better respond to certain mobility needs and give priority to road users such as emergency services, freight traffic, public transport or cyclists. 

Additionally, Mobilidata will include the rollout of intelligent traffic light controller (iTLCs) to help better reconcile traffic safety and traffic flow for active road users, public transport and motorised traffic.

The technology will allow road operators to make traffic lights turn green more quickly when a group of cyclists approaches the intersection in bad weather. It can also give the same priority to an ambulance approaching an intersection or for trucks so that they emit less carbon dioxide. 

Be-Mobile CEO Jan Cools says: “With Mobilidata, we are bridging the gap between hardware on the street and the road user in order to bring about a behavioural change among travellers, companies and governments. C-ITS is the next fundamental step to bring the mobility ecosystem and their individual interests closer together.”

Monotch CEO Menno Malta says the company is bringing relevant experience from other European countries where TLEX has already been used successfully for the development of new connected traffic services. 

“In the Netherlands, recent measurements indicate a 10% reduction in travel time for prioritised transport, 2% fewer incidents with emergency vehicles and a significant 15% waiting time and emission reduction for traffic passing an intersection, which also offers perspective for Flanders,” Malta adds.

Other members of the consortium include Flitsmeister, NDrive, Bosch, Transport & Mobility Leuven, Tractebel, Movias and Sirus. 

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