Monotch to bolster C-ITS in Finland

Nodeon collaboration and data exchange via V2X platforms benefits C-ITS community 
Classification & Data Collection / June 18, 2021
By Ben Spencer
Monotch Nodeon C-ITS data exchange TLEX I2V Finland V2X
Monotoch says TLEX I2V is designed to send and receive massive volumes of data with ultra-low latency (© BiancoBlue |

Monotch is collaborating with Nodeon to enhance cooperative ITS (C-ITS) data exchange in Finland through promoting the benefits of its TLEX I2V software platform.

Monotch provides data flows via the platform by connecting traffic light controllers and other roadside equipment to service providers, the automotive industry, road authorities, emergency services and ultimately road users.

The company describes TLEX I2V as a system that is designed to send and receive massive volumes of data with ultra-low latency. 

The technology is applied in the Udap platform initiated by the Dutch Talking Traffic programme.

Monotch says this matches Nodeon's familiarity with the Finnish traffic sector and experience of data communication.

Nodeon's overall design in smart traffic projects often includes the integration design of electrical, automation, data communication, tele and safety systems as well as lighting. 

TLEX I2V and Nodeon’s portfolio of solutions are expected to make a significant contribution to traffic flow optimisation and real-time information to road users. 

The firm insists the collaboration underlines the importance of data exchange via Vehicle to Everything (V2X) platforms which benefit players in the C-ITS space. 

For example, road authorities are able to improve traffic flows and road safety and prioritise certain road users. 

According to Monotch, emergency services, public transport and cyclists can be given priority at traffic lights, but the platforms can more importantly be used to inform road users in real-time. 

Gary Lin, international business developer at Monotch, says: “We will share experiences from C-ITS deployments in the Netherlands and implement them under new specifications and architectural set-ups that differ from our previous deployments."

"We are both confident to deploy the TLEX I2V platform in Finland, find pilot customers and realise the benefits of C-ITS services.”

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