Conduent modernises Helsinki fares

Finnish capital's regional transport authority saw 238 million passenger boardings in 2021
Classification & Data Collection / August 8, 2022
By Adam Hill
Ticketing contactless smartphones Helsinki technology user experience (image: HSL)
Conduent will supply 4,500 validators to be installed across the entire Helsinki network (image: HSL)

Conduent Transportation is to implement fare collection across Helsinki's buses, trams, trains, metros and ferries.

Helsinki Region Transport Authority - Helsingin Seudun Liikenne (HSL) - has chosen the company to modernise the system in the Finnish capital, which saw a total of 238 million passenger boardings in 2021.

The first phase is scheduled to begin after September this year, when Conduent will supply 4,500 validators to be installed across the entire network.

These will allow riders to pay with contactless cards, NFC-enabled devices (such as smartphones), HSL transit cards or via QR codes.

In phase two, validators will also be enabled for account-based ticketing (ABT) where the ticket is stored virtually in the cloud. 
The change "will enhance the riders’ experience and make access quick and easy,” said Sami Kaipiainen, HSL program director.

Previously, Conduent worked with the VR Group, operators of Finland’s railway network, in the upgrade of its ticketing infrastructure.

Mark Brewer, president, transportation solutions at Conduent, says: “HSL’s vision will give its users access to an innovative, rider-focused transit network through everyday technology like a contactless card or a smartphone.”

Conduent fare collection systems are in use in more than 400 public transit networks of all sizes around the world, including open payment solutions in Europe (France, Italy and Belgium), Australia and the Americas.

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