CV data use 'enabled' by Otonomo & SAP

Integration of key platforms is designed to bring together previously siloed data
Classification & Data Collection / October 21, 2022
By Adam Hill
Digital vehicle data smart mobility connected © Jakub Jirsak |
Otonomo and SAP: 'Synergies' (© Jakub Jirsak |

Otonomo Technologies' Smart Mobility Data Platform has been integrated with SAP's Digital Vehicle Hub in a move which Otonomo says will further enable the use of connected vehicle data.

SAP's product is a cloud-based repository for vehicle-related data designed to syndicate all vehicle-related data in a central platform across silos to create a complete digital twin of the vehicle. This saves companies from wasting "time and effort to manually consolidate data", SAP insists.

Otonomo's platform is aimed at delivering embedded vehicle data collected from multiple OEMs: "By integrating embedded vehicle data within the SAP ecosystem, it will combine vehicle data with ERP systems, offering new insights to create additional value and revenue streams," the firm says in a statement.

"Our partnership with SAP helps Otonomo to expand into more enterprise accounts while creating new possibilities for how fleet customers can ingest data into SAP Digital Vehicle Hub to streamline vehicle management and fleet operations," said Ben Volkow, CEO and co-founder of Otonomo.

"The synergies between our two platforms will translate into opportunities for better business outcomes for customers, allowing them to more easily turn mobility insights into business value."

Otonomo has an R&D centre in Israel as well as locations in the US and Germany.

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