Optibus report: look after passengers

Bus routing specialist finds user experience among the key priorities for sector in 2023
Classification & Data Collection / February 15, 2023
By Adam Hill
Bus Alexandra Palace London routing software decarbonisation (© ITS International)
Electrification, zero-emissions targets and driver shortages are major concerns (© ITS International)

Passenger experience, real-time information, driver satisfaction, electrification and cost savings are the key priorities for the public transportation sector this year.

These are the standout findings from a new eBook from Optibus called Focus on the People: Top 5 Public Transportation Industry and Technology Trends for 2023

The company surveyed hundreds of public transportation professionals worldwide to identify challenges.

The report says: "Passengers expect public transportation to offer the same seamless experience and real-time updates as other services, such as food delivery and e-commerce."

Increased use of technology will be among the means of achieving this and alleviating other concerns in the years to come.

It adds that electrification and zero-emissions targets, along with addressing driver shortages, continue to be a "top global concern".

Download the eBook here.

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