Otonomo links up with Ramboll

Connected vehicle data will enhance granularity of consultants’ reports, say companies
Classification & Data Collection / November 28, 2022
By Alan Dron
Data sharing streams connected vehicle © Yurii Tymchuk | Dreamstime.com
Ramboll and Otonomo: data-driven approach (© Yurii Tymchuk | Dreamstime.com)

Otonomo Technologies has formed a new partnership with global engineering, architecture and consultancy company Ramboll.
Under the new partnership, Ramboll will utilise historical connected vehicle data available through the Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform to enhance its consultancy reports and transport models. 

Ramboll will also offer streaming vehicle data to road authorities for traffic management and road safety applications. 

Otonomo describes connected vehicle data as a game-changer. The new mobility services enabled by the company’s data will allow Ramboll to help their customers make transportation safer, more efficient, and more sustainable, Otonomo says. 

“Solving today’s mobility challenges requires a holistic and data-driven approach,” said Ante Erixon, regional director, Smart Mobility at Ramboll. “Partnering with Otonomo will enable us to use granular and highly accurate connected vehicle data to improve the services we deliver to our customers.” 
Ramboll’s experience includes modelling the impact of urban development on transport usage, delivering implementation roadmaps for new technologies, and empowering mobility-as-a-service solutions. 

The Otonomo Smart Mobility Data Platform includes geo-enhanced floating car data that is curated, normalised and blurred for privacy, as well as high-quality extended vehicle sensors including, weather events, road friction, and road sign placement to enhance Ramboll’s transport models. 

Ramboll will also use the Otonomo Urban Intelligence solution to deliver an upgraded view into origin-destination data with socio-demographic and purpose of trip overlays. Otonomo-applied AI and machine learning delivers up-to-date, actionable mobility insights to end customers. 
“As a major global player in the smart mobility and urban transportation sector, Ramboll is well-aligned with Otonomo’s mission to make mobility more accessible, equitable, sustainable and safe,” Otonomo’s co-founder and CEO, Ben Volkow said. 

“Through our work together, we’ll be able to support a wide range of cities, companies and transport authorities to help solve modern mobility challenges.”

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