UITP Summit 2023: members send help to Ukraine

Spare Parts for Ukraine initiative is ongoing as delegation welcomed to Barcelona meeting
Classification & Data Collection / June 7, 2023
By Adam Hill
Ukraine public transit infrastructure help © Flydragonfly | Dreamstime.com
Motherland monument in Kyiv (© Flydragonfly | Dreamstime.com)

A delegation from embattled Ukraine was welcomed to the UITP Summit in Barcelona, Spain.

“I am so grateful for your presence," UITP secretary general Mohamed Mezghani told the delegates.

"I want to know what we can do for you: our members want to help. They want to send vehicles, spare parts, and expertise. We are a platform for public transport. And our platform will be unconditionally and fully open to you.”

UITP has already organised a Spare Parts for Ukraine programme, encouraging its members to donate to companies and agencies.

"Providing essential mobility throughout a war means dealing with disrupted supply chains, damage to infrastructure and much more," UITP says.

A list of spare parts needed and which city or organisation is asking for them - plus contact people - is available here

Ukraine's transport infrastructure has been badly hit since the invasion of the country by Russia over a year ago.

In a sobering indication the way services have had to pivot in a time of crisis, metro stations in Kyiv are routinely used as shelters from missile strikes.

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