Be-Mobile points to Belgium EV charging

Route planner with Touring site shows drivers whether there are any stations available
GIS/ Mapping & Location Based Systems / February 16, 2022
Be-Mobile Touring rotue planner electric vehicle charger traffic situation
Be-Mobile says icons are also used to indicate which leisure facilities can be used while the car is being charged (© Kawee Wateesatogkij |

Be-Mobile has entered a partnership allowing those using Touring’s website and app to generate a route that takes into account electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Belgium.

The move extends the capabilities of the mobility organisation’s website beyond offering a route planner that covers the current traffic situation.

Last May, the federal government decided that all companies in Belgium must have a fully electrified vehicle fleet starting in 2026.

However, Be-Mobile showed that EV drivers suffer from range anxiety, the fear that they will not be able to complete a long trip on their current battery charge due to traffic jams, bad weather or a queue at charging stations.

Be-Mobile says the route planner shows where the driver can stop and whether there are any charging stations available.

According to Be-Mobile, it estimates whether the charging station will be available when the driver arrives based on current availability and historical data.

Icons are also used to indicate which leisure facilities in the area can be used while the car is being charged.

Touring CEO Bruno de Thibault says: “Now that electric driving has started to take off, Touring is helping to remove the last obstacles. An extensive network of charging stations is of course a must, but with this smart route planner we are going a step further to increase the ease and security of charging, thus giving consumers confidence. Being able to put Be-Mobile's smart technology and rich data processing at the disposal of our Touring members and every car user is a great proof that electric driving is becoming more accessible day by day."

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