New Seoul Metro app aimed solely at foreign visitors

App is designed to make it easier for visitors to navigate transit in South Korean capital
GIS/ Mapping & Location Based Systems / May 12, 2023
By Adam Hill
Seoul Metro app navigate real-time data © Anizza |
Getting around Seoul's metro system (© Anizza |

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has launched an app aimed only at foreigners to help them navigate Seoul Metro.

The Seoul Subway app provides information for the whole network in the South Korean capital and its surrounds, including real-time timetables, location-based guidance, ticketing options, fare prices, lockers, emergency contact numbers and station directions, including exits and restrooms.

A user's current location is automatically recognised as the departure station when they begin their route search.

Users do not have to know the name of the station they need to get off at - instead, the closest station will be introduced when a destination is inserted.

The app is designed to guide users to the correct train by giving live directions - and to alert you if you've accidentally got on the wrong train.

The Seoul Subway app can be downloaded via the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). 

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