PTV tunes up by adding its voice to Overture

Firm joins TomTom, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services & Meta in open map data standard search
GIS/ Mapping & Location Based Systems / May 18, 2023
By Adam Hill
PTV Model2Go data modelling mobility urban transport networks
PTV will contribute its experience in the data modelling of map data

PTV Group has joined the Overture Maps Foundation, whose mission is to create a new standard for open map data, combining members' resources, data and technology. 

Non-profit Overture was founded by TomTom, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Meta in December 2022, and PTV says it will "support the collaboration with its expertise in multimodal modelling and simulation, as well as map development and mobility data".

"As in music, where the overture marks the opening of a symphony, I am convinced that something great – new standard for map data – will emerge from the interplay of the Overture partners,” says Christian Haas, CEO of PTV Group.

“Reliable data is the foundation of our daily work. Overture’s open map data will accelerate and simplify the building of relevant transportation models and simulations and thus drive transportation investment and policy decisions for a greener and smarter future," Haas concludes.

The mobility sector needs accurate data to analyse, plan and manage transportation networks. Overture aims to create a comprehensive and reliable real-world map data set for developers to access under an open data licence, which can be extended through commercial additions.

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