NXP connects with Plug and Play start-ups

Semiconductor manufacturer has joined Startup Autobahn to help roll out technologies
Networking & Communication Systems / July 19, 2022
By Adam Hill
Technology innovation start-ups Internet of Things mobility © Sarayut Thaneerat | Dreamstime.com
NXP will be connected with start-ups with new technologies (© Sarayut Thaneerat | Dreamstime.com)

NXP Semiconductors has joined Plug and Play’s open innovation platform Startup Autobahn to connect with startups from all over the world and to drive technologies of the future. 

The platform seeks start-up companies worldwide to validate technologies in proof-of-concepts (PoCs) and pilot projects.

“One company can only do so much working in isolation,” said Lars Reger, NXP chief technology officer.

“There are enormous possibilities that are not yet fully exploited today. By working collaboratively, we can expand our innovation horizon to create a world that anticipates and automates. For start-ups, agility is key and bringing them to market faster to boost their solutions and innovative concepts.” 

Saeed Amidi, founder and CEO, Plug and Play, says: “Considering the ever-growing role that semiconductors play across several industries and sectors, our joint goal for this strategic partnership is to further boost innovation at NXP with significant startup-corporate collaborations and enhance our global innovation ecosystem." 

The primary goal of the platform is to nurture pilots to get them ready for production, to create partnerships and to find investors.

The team runs more than 60 accelerator programmes every year in fields including the future of mobility, Internet of Things and sustainability.

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