Indra achieves BRT certification

ITxPT standard assures interoperability of IT systems and technology in public transit
Networking & Communication Systems / November 8, 2022
By Adam Hill
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Indra has received a key certification that accredits the interoperability of its solutions for bus rapid transit (BRT).

The ITxPT standard facilitates full interoperability between IT systems and solutions - and in this specific case refers to Indra's on-board solution for buses and streetcars that forms part of its OSS (Operations Support System).

Indra says it can integrate control and location capabilities into a single device, as well as those for ticketing, passenger control, traveller information, video surveillance and traffic light priority, which can be added independently or jointly depending on what a particular project requires.

The technology helps to manage more than 15,000 buses for over 100 operators across the world, with Brisbane Metro's environmentally-friendly vehicles a recent addition.

“To obtain the ITxPT certification we’ve had to undergo demanding laboratory tests to demonstrate our compliance with the highest quality standards and the interoperability of our on-board solution for public transport," says Hugo Molinero, head of Indra’s SAE product. 

"This achievement allows us to move forward towards our goal of stimulating integrated and standardised mobility services for citizens and makes us a distinctive brand, as this seal is in increasing demand among public transport systems around the world."

Indra is currently working on the process to certify its OSS platform, as well as other mobility business solutions such as its control centre platform and ticketing systems. 

Indra has also joined the ITxPT non-profit association whose purpose is to study, define and provide standardisation to facilitate the open integration of plug-and-play solutions into public passenger transport.

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