US patent for Applied Information's connected vehicle tech

Company says technology enables a reduction of bandwidth usage by up to 97%
Networking & Communication Systems / April 11, 2023
By Adam Hill
Traffic signals low-latency connected vehicles (image: James Robbins)
Real-time, connected vehicle messages are sent from traffic signals (image: James Robbins)

Applied Information has received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office covering its connected vehicle computing and communications method that reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to communicate with vehicles.

US Patent 11,594,127 entitled Systems, Methods, and Devices for Communication Between Traffic Controller Systems and Mobile Transmitters and Receivers describes a system that sends real-time, connected vehicle messages from a traffic signal or other traffic control over the C-V2X Network (Uu) or C-V2X Direct (PC5).

The technology enables a reduction of bandwidth usage by up to 97%.

“This patent represents a significant advance in the very foundation of connected vehicle communications,” said Bryan Mulligan, president of Applied Information.

“As more and more devices and other vehicles start communicating with each other on the roadway, eliminating unnecessary and repetitive communication will make the system of connected vehicles more efficient.”

Applied says conventional traffic signals send messages 10 times per second, repeating the same message until a change in status.

Those equipped with its technology send messages to nearby connected vehicles "only as necessary and when there is a change of status – such as a traffic signal changing from red to green, thereby significantly reducing the amount of data", the firm insists.

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