Dott, Lime & Tier scoot into Madrid

Spanish capital awards operating contracts to the trio, with a combined 6,000 scooters
UTC / February 3, 2023
By Alan Dron
Micromobility e-scooters decarbonisation urban mobility (image: Tier)
Tier already operates shared e-scooters in Spanish cities Malaga and Tarragona (image: Tier)

Madrid City Council has awarded contracts to shared micromobility providers Dott, Lime and Tier. Each company will provide 2,000 e-scooters that will be deployed in the city for a period of three years. 

The council has the option of extending the licence periods for six months at a time, depending on how demand evolves.

The devices will enter service in May and are aimed at creating a significant shift in the city’s transport options.

Presenting the new e-scooters, Borja Carabante, Madrid's councillor for the environment and mobility, said that the machines represented the city council’s commitment to implementing a model of shared micromobility that was “better organised, safer and integrated into the different mobility platforms”.

Renters of the new e-scooters will find that new technological developments will help prevent the devices being improperly parked in pedestrian areas or ridden in areas where they are unauthorised.

“We are very pleased to have been selected to deploy our shared e-scooter service in the city of Madrid and I want to take this opportunity to highlight the commitment of the city council to improve urban mobility in the city,” said Manuel Arauco, general manager, Spain and Israel, at Tier. 

“We’re proud that the city trusts us to help create a more sustainable and safe environment. Our local team is dedicated to continuously improving and innovating to help Madrid reduce its dependence on cars and make the transport networks safe and more environmentally friendly. Our goal is to make Madrid a reference city in micromobility both in Spain and Europe.”

Tier already operates shared e-scooters in Malaga and Tarragona, while Nextbike by Tier, the company’s bike-sharing unit, operates in seven cities across the country.

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