Econolite has the power with ZincFive

ZincBlue2 NiZn-based intelligent BBS solutions maintain 'always-on' status
UTC / November 3, 2023
By Adam Hill
green power ITS operations green option © Valeriya |
Always on (© Valeriya |

Econolite is to be exclusive licensee for ZincFive’s nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery products, with worldwide rights to manufacture, sell, support and service the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery back-up system (BBS) solutions in the ITS market.

ZincFive CEO and co-Founder Tim Hysell says: “This partnership is founded on our common vision for a green, efficient future for the intelligent transportation industry. We are determined to use this vision as a catalyst for expanding accessibility and further adoption of our technology.”

Currently marketed as ZincBlue, Econolite’s ZincBlue2 NiZn-based intelligent BBS solutions are used to maintain 'always-on' status for customers’ ITS programmes and traffic signal operations.

Christian U. Haas, CEO of Umovity, the entity which takes in Econolite and PTV Group, says: “This underlines our mission to improve mobility for humanity through advanced technology worldwide.”

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