SRL adds more Swarco VMS

Firm will take delivery of 50 units of Swarco variable message signs
UTC / May 14, 2020
By David Arminas
Swarco 32 x 32 pixels (640mm x 640mm) VMS
The signs have an active display width and height of 32 x 32 pixels (640mm x 640mm)

SRL Traffic Systems is adding 50 portable red-green-blue (RGB) activated signs from Swarco to its product portfolio.

The variable message signs (VMS) have an active display width and height of 32 x 32 pixels (640mm x 640mm). 

These are the smallest signs in SRL’s portfolio and can be used to warn of temporary traffic lights up ahead or to convey speed limits in situations where space is at a premium, such as car parks and construction sites.

SRL is exclusive UK and Republic of Ireland distributor for Swarco, which created the signs to an original brief by Malcolm Johnstone, managing director of SRL’s hire division. 

SRL says that the signs are the only compact mobile VMS on the market to feature integrated vehicle activated detectors, facilitating easier portability and installation than those needing supplementary detectors and requiring minimal storage space. 

They also incorporate internal radar, GPRS communications, battery monitor and GPS location and are controlled via Zephyr, the Swarco-recognised control system.

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